Creativity has the power to unite, and to be an agent of change.

Our Dark Chocolate Chip Crunchies are hand made by our colleagues from the Paarl site, packed on a beautiful and colourful tin, paint-brushed by a pig named Pigcasso.

In 2016, Pigcasso was rescued just before slaughter by Joanne Lefson, and taken to Farm Sanctuary SA in Franschhoek. Joanne noticed that Pigcasso had an interest in old paintbrushes that were lying in her stall. Curiosity got the better of Joanne and she decided to set up the paper and acrylics for Pigcasso. She witnessed something so beautiful, and she saw a potential talent that needed to be nurtured.  The first its kind!

“Through their extraordinary collaboration and unrivalled artworks, Pigcasso and Joanne Lefson aim to create an awakened connection between our food, farmed animals, and climate change in order to inspire a kinder, more sustainable world.”

We are delighted to have one of our products associated with this story, in collaboration with Woolworths.

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