Meet Bonaero

in2food bonaero

Meet Bonaero, an #in2food site that is among the few industrial facilities that have achieved Green Star ratings and Net Zero carbon certifications, setting the benchmark for other industrial developments in South Africa.

Bonaero Park is located in the OR Tambo Special Economic Zone, East Rand of Gauteng. This facility is fully equipped with eco-friendly designs and manufacturing processes that help to improve environmental pollution and energy consumption. The design of the industrial facility, which has a total floor area of 22 282m², accommodates food preparation, storage, and office areas, as well as a canteen, showers, and a medical clinic.

The Bonaero site is refrigerated by means of a CO2 refrigeration system that utilises less energy, the world’s second largest environmentally friendly CO2 refrigeration plant. The entire system collectively produces approximately 3MW cooling capacity for the facility. Conveniently, all hot water is then heated by the warmth produced by the CO2 refrigeration system, thereby reducing the need to install heat pumps, boilers, or geysers.

in2food strives to exceed targets by implementing several initiatives. These include continuous upskilling of colleagues, as well as the use of learning resources throughout the development. In2food Bonaero also has an energy and water monitoring platform that supplies information on how more water and energy can be saved.

Alex Varughese, modelling and simulations consultant at Solid Green, recognises the efforts of in2food in terms of sustainability: “in2food is among the few industrial facilities that have achieved Green Star ratings in South Africa. They are industry leaders, and we are encouraged and looking forward to seeing more industrial facilities strive for a Green Star and Net Zero ratings.”

However, that’s not all that makes this facility so wonderful! Their wide range of factory capabilities and excellent colleagues (all 2 240 of them!) allow them to produce an exceptional range of products. Such as the “good to go” sandwiches, burger sliders, burritos, pancakes, wraps and prepared vegetables, just to name a few.