Bakery items

Every kind of delicious baked goodie you can think of as an in-between nibble or part of a decadent tea party: hand-made rusks, scones, muffins and cakes, biscuits of every shape and kind, with or without chocolate, and all sorts of sweet and savoury baked bites.

  • Sweet muffins
  • Warm puddings
  • Hand-made rusks
  • Savoury muffins
  • Scones
  • Cup-cakes
  • Tray cakes
  • Swiss Rolls
  • Tartlets
  • Gateaux
  • Bar Cakes
  • Slices
  • Cakes
  • Classic biscuits
  • Speciality biscuits
  • Enrobed biscuits
  • Bites
  • Savoury biscuits