Ethical and Social

To be social responsible as a business is at the core of our business and we are passionate about it. We focus on three core components:


We recognise that one of our core responsibilities as a business is to look after the well-being of our colleagues. We aim to give back by means of colleague wellness centres, our in2food trust focussing on scholarships and bursaries for colleagues’ children, as well as skills development and partnership with the Adult Education and Training centres.


We recognise the communities around our sites as a responsibility to care for. We give back to the communities in the form of skills development programs, early childhood development, prevention of woman and child abuse as well as mentoring and coaching of community leaders.


We are passionate about our home country, South Africa. We give back to build our country in the form of national and regional NGO’s as well as other fundraising initiatives.


Besides sourcing, we focus relentlessly on our factories’ environmental impact. We have identified the following as key impact areas:

Waste to landfill

Waste to landfill on all of our materials used is of upmost importance to us. We aim to have zero waste to landfill by 2022.

Water usage

We aim to use water more responsibly and improve our water management system by using live monitoring systems to get real time data. We leverage innovation to re-imagine key processes that consume a lot of water. Water recycling initiatives are also being driven as well as alternative sources of water to build resilience for our sites.

Carbon footprint

We carefully monitor the amount of electricity, fuel and gas our sites use with real time data transparency. We have set out specific goals for each of these to drive consumption down and replace them through investment in renewable energy sources.

In addition to this we certify all new factory buildings with the Green Council Building Certification.


One of the largest areas of impact a business can make is where it sources its raw materials from. We are driving this vision forward by sourcing from suppliers registered with SEDEX, one of the world’s leading ethical trade service providers, working to improve working conditions in global supply chains. We are also implementing ISO 14001:2005 throughout all our sites and registering them with SANAS accreditation program for greenhouse gas.